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- Confirmation email for personal web-space -
Your personal web site space has been allocated. Once you have put some files there,
people can access your web site via the URL:


(replace "your-glisnet-user-id" with your GLISnet userid).

You have 6 Megabytes available. You can publish files to the web space
two different ways: using Microsoft FrontPage(R), or by using a File
Transfer Protocol (ftp) client program.


To publish your files with Microsoft FrontPage(R), you supply it with three things:

  Publish Location: http://members.glis.net/your-glisnet-user-id
  Username: your-glisnet-user-id
  Password: your-glisnet-password

Of course, replace "your-glisnet-user-id" with your GLISnet user id, and replace "your-glisnet-password" with your GLISnet password.


There are many ftp client programs available.
Some are completely free, such as Filezilla (which can be found at
http://filezilla.sourceforge.net), and some are shareware that can be
found on sites such as download.com or tucows.com.

To publish your files with an ftp client program, the program will want to know three things:

  FTP Server: members.glis.net
  Username: your-glisnet-user-id
  Password: your-glisnet-password


* FrontPage Components work! This means that the page hit counter, the
discussion web, the form-to-email, and the various components all work.
All the components that do not work on other web hosts are properly
installed on GLISnet's servers. This is a bit of a double-edged sword.
While this is good news to a lot of people, this also means that if you
cannot get a component to work correctly, it's something on your end.

* Server-side scripting (other than FrontPage components, of course) is disabled on all personal web space.

* The page you consider your "home page" must be a named correctly.
It must be named either index.htm, index.html, default.htm, or default.html.
The server will search your web space for a file called one of those
names in that order! So if you have a file called index.html and
default.html, the index.html will be the page it considers your "home page."

* Filenames are case-sensitive on the server. A file called iNdex.Htm is different than "index.htm".

Enjoy your web space!

GLISnet Staff http://www.glis.net
Toll free 1-888-445-4763
Mon-Fri 9am to 8pm eastern time
Sat 10am to 4pm eastern time

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