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GLISnet Referral Program

Earn $25 credit the easy way… refer a friend!

The GLISnet Referral Program is an easy way to earn credit for your account, while helping out your favorite Internet Service Provider at the same time! There are actually two ways you can make out by referring a customer:
  • Credit: When you refer a friend to us, you can make an easy $25 in credit on your account. When they sign up with us, they simply need to mention your name. After they make their first payment, $25 will automatically be added to your account, which can then be used towards your future invoices. Refer two friends, and you just made $50 in credit!

  • Cash: Think you can get at least two friends to sign up each month? Then you are a candidate for our Cash referral program! With our cash referral program, we set you up a salesperson account with us. Then, for each friend you sign up with us, you can make a cool $20 in cash! The salesperson account has a few restrictions, however. First, they must mention you when they call and sign up. Second, you must sign up at least one person per month to maintain good status with us at GLISnet. Finally, if you fail to sign anyone up within a three month period, your salesperson account will be closed. But that shouldn't be a problem for you, should it :)
To sign up, simply call 1-888-445-4763 !