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- GLIS·NET Co-Location Services -

GLISnet offers Co-Location of your server into our Network Operations Center for high availability high capacity bandwidth, power and cooling.

Your own server in our NOC!

Our Network Operations Center is fully equipped with extra large electrical capacity, battery backup, backup generator, datacenter climate control, a Cisco network with a gigabit backbone connection to Level 3 Communications. Basically we've done all the hard stuff, you just provide the server.

What's the cost?

GLISnet's co-location is based on the amount of rack space you will take up. A unit of rack space is an inch and three quarters, or 1.75", referred to as a U of space.

Do you have a server that's over 17" tall that can not be placed ina rack on it's side? Not to worry, we also have pricing for non-rackmountable cases.

Our co-location prices include power, air conditioning, network monitoring, and the space required to house your server. We will plug your server into one of our 10/100MB switch ports. Our co-location facility is in Southfield, Michigan. We are told that the generator for our facility could power the entire city block for weeks. If natural gas is also knocked out or there is a failure on the primary generator, there is also a 200,000 watt portable diesel generator. Our racks are engineered with 40 amps of power per rack, with 4400VA of battery backup per rack.

Security is also a major concern for us. Only certified individuals are allowed into our colocation facilities unescorted and the main doors have MedecoŽ restricted key sets and 24 hour security from Guardian.

Bandwidth is measured based on the amount data transferred in a calendar month. We measure the amount of data transferred from the Ethernet switch port your equipment is connected to. We allow you to burst up to the full 10/100MB, we charge you based on monthly data transfer. Extra data transferred above package limits will be charges at $2.50 per GB.

We can answer any questions you may have, please send an e-mail to info@glis.net or give our office a call at 1-888-445-4763 from 8 AM until 8 PM, seven days a week.

Carrier 50BZ Vertical Remote Air-Cooled Single Package Air Conditioning Unit

Generac Power Systems 275KW Generator

Space Set-Up Monthly Cost
Per Rack 'U' * $20
mini/Mid-Tower Case
(less that 17" tall)
$200 $100
Bandwidth Monthly Cost
64Kbps (upto 20GB a month) $75
128Kbps (upto 40GB a month) $115
256Kbps (upto 80GB a month) $190
384Kbps (upto 120GB a month) $250
512Kbps (upto 160GB a month) $300
768Kbps (upto 240GB a month) $400
1024Kbps (upto 320GB a month) $500
1500Kbps (upto 480GB a month) $600
*Setup for 1U Server $100
Setup for 2U to 5U $200
Setup for 6U++ $400

Please note, oversized tower cases (double with, etc) will be measured up and billed on the "Per U" height rate. If case can not be put on it's side in a rack (over 17" tall) or is completely square, height is measured and then an estimate how many standard cases (if any) can co-exist with your case on a rack mount shelf, and then billed accordingly.